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Welcome to

Region North Denmark

Here, you will get to know Business Region North Denmark (BRN) and gain insight to what we do – together in the northern part of Denmark

A resourceful, collaborative platform

Consisting of North Denmark’s 11 municipalities and the North Denmark Region, we join forces to target and pursue agendas that either drive or impede development and growth in the region.

Through strategical collaboration and an action-oriented approach and in close collaboration with numerous likeminded organizations and stakeholders, we aim to further our common interests and improve the conditions in areas identified as regional positions of strength, which are vital to fulfill our ambitions.

We belief that alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. Luckily, in our parts of the country, collaboration seems to be running in our blood, and we are determined to carry words into effect.

That is why, BRN collaborate widely – across the private and public sectors, with innovative educational institutions and dedicated employment and business organizations to amplify our messages and further the dialogue with key shareholders and decision-makers.

5 key focus areas

Industrial development and job creation

We strive to overcome impeding barriers and ensure favorable conditions for growth and development in businesses and industries.

Climate and green transition

We are determined to turn the necessary green transition into growth – furthering innovation and developing new business opportunities while contributing to reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Qualified labor

We are keen to meet the needs for qualified labor in existing and future businesses in the region. By taking action in due time, we can develop and attract specialized competencies and fulfil an otherwise unfulfilled potential in particularly small and medium-sized businesses.


We are laying the grounds for development by ensuring that crucial infrastructure in North Denmark – be it in terms of transportation, energy or digital – are aligned with today’s ambitions and tomorrow’s needs.

International collaboration

We unite to strengthen our common interests in the EU and seize investment opportunities that will further our regional positions of strength. By having one entry point to the EU, we are more likely to join cross-country partnerships and attract funds.

Our organization

Our board is made up of the mayors from the 11 municipalities and the Regional Councilor of the Regional Council. This is where BRN’s strategy is outlined, and where our joint public affairs efforts derive from. The board members can bring agendas to the table and have several options to take action – either to facilitate coordination between the municipalities and the Region, initiate new projects or further a common cause through public affairs efforts.

All 11 municipalities and the Region are represented through a board of directors and a joint secretariat. All forums are supported by the BRN-secretariat.

Member contributions


Municipality contributions (DKK per capita)

Region contribution (DKK per capita)

Human resources

In addition to the financial means, the municipalities and the Region continuously contribute with human resources and specialized skills in interdisciplinary work groups.

Get in touch

Christine Lunde

Head of secretariat
+45 2332 0332

Thomas Stevn Kruse