North Denmark unified in supporting growth

Business Region North Denmark is a new and unique collaboration between the 11 municipalities of North Denmark and The North Denmark Region. The collaboration officially entered into force on January 1st, 2015. The purpose is to create and pursue a common agenda for growth and development, and collectively master the challenges of North Denmark.

By finding common ground between the municipalities, businesses, and the region, we hold a unique opportunity to achieve the degree of penetrative force that is necessary to put North Denmark in the national and international spotlight. BRN is the gateway to a united North Denmark.

Business Region North Denmark is responsible for initiating projects, while the municipalities, the local business communities, and educational institutions carry out the projects individually or in collaboration.


Our management board consists of the 11 mayors and the president of the North Denmark Region. The structure of this collaboration makes BRN strong and effective, and therefore able to launch competent and relevant actions according to the challenges North Denmark is facing.

We propose launching notable actions for the individual parts of our region as well as the entire North Denmark. We do this through a close collaboration between the private and the public sector of North Jutland. 


BRN is supported by financial means from each of our 12 partners. In 2015 the pay contribution is 15 kr. pr capita from the municipalities and 9 kr. per capita from the North Denmark Region. 

The joint economic means is allocated by the BRN board for projects, growth and innovative development. 



North Denmark at a glance

With its position as the northernmost tip of Denmark, North Denmark is an important destination and transit point for shipping and tourism to and from several countries, such as Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. 

North Denmark boasts several renowned and innovative institutions of knowledge. The most prominent are Aalborg University (AAU), which is internationally recognized for its results in engineering, and University College North Denmark (UCN), which each year creates thousands of new Danish and international professional bachelor graduates.

Vision and goals

We envision a North Denmark that:

  • is united in development and growth
  • involves every municipality as an active and valuable participant in the region’s development
  • is a strong actor on the international stage as a result of the municipalities’ combined efforts.

To realize this, we strive for:

  • Coherence between municipal growth strategies and the overall regional strategies
  • Agenda defining and proactive partnerships in areas that are especially important to positive regional development
  • Launching of concrete joint initiatives that put our shared resources into action
  • Partnerships and co-financing that result in greater return of investment
  • Increased visibility for the region’s shared strengths and competencies

BRN partners

The 11 municipalities of North Jutland and the North Denmark Region

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